Our Practice Model

We ARE different?        

Most of us have had the less than pleasant experience of waiting 1-2 hours for the doctor --  only to see him/her for only 3 minutes  and leave without getting the chance to ask a single question.  Some blood tests were done (though never contacted with results),  and then left with a prescription.  But did we REALLY get good, quality healthcare?  Did you feel better walking out of the office than when you walked in?  Probably not.   This simply doesn't happen with Dr. Adams and Ascension Center for Women's Health. 

Our patients expect and deserve better!  If you are a current patient with ACWH, you know that we do better.   We take tremendous pride in providing a unique health-care experience and focusing on the little things -  like taking the time to really listen to a patient, like respecting appointment times, or like getting to know the patient as a person and an individual– not just a body with a problem that needs fixing.

Dr. Adams and ACWH are also keenly aware of the fact that health insurance is either not available or not affordable for many hard working individuals and families.  But this doesn't mean health care has to be unaffordable.  We offer reasonable and affordable pricing for those without insurance.  

We make paying easy by accepting cash, check/money order, credit card, health savings accounts, or SET UP 6 months of INTEREST FREE PAYMENTS with Care Credit - a payment program specifically designed for not only medical expenses, but also dentistry, cosmetic surgery and much more.  To apply for care credit and to find additional provider information, visit www.carecredit.com