MD for Me is an affordable health care membership available exclusively at Ascension Center for Women’s Health.  The program is designed to offer exceptional care to our exceptional patients.  For one affordable yearly fee, our patients will have access to all of the health care services already offered at ACWHand much more!  From primary care services (such as managing high-blood pressure, high-cholesterol, and diabetes) to urgent care (flu, sinus infections, etc) to our comprehensive weight loss and wellness program – everything will be covered.  For the simple problems that don’t necessarily require an office visit (yeast infections, UTI’s, general questions, etc.), patients will have 7 day a week physician access via secure e-mail. The “old way” prevented us from being able to offer all of the services we could really provide.  You will never pay another co-pay or deductible for services provided at ACWH.  This program will offer not only very flexible scheduling, but also guaranteed same-day or next day appointments.  

For $699 a year this membership will allow each patient up to six office visits per year, and any office visits in excess of 6 visits will be subject to a $49 fee.  After each visit, we will provide the billing paperwork necessary to file an insurance claim (if applicable) for potential reimbursement OR to be applied to your deductible.

Services Included:

Ob/Gyn Services  • Annual exams (to include a yearly PAP and routine lab testing, as applicable) • Menopause/Hormone replacement therapy • Infertility • Pregnancy (up to the first trimester) • Ultrasounds • Abnormal PAP evaluation/Colposcopy • Problem visits • In Office procedures • Contraception procedures • Surgical procedures (performed at St. Elizabeth Hospital)

Primary Care Services • High blood pressure • Elevated cholesterol • Insulin Resistance/Diabetes • Smoking Cessation • Mood disorders/Emotional well being • Bone health /Bone density testing • Routine blood work • Corporate/School Physicals

Urgent Care Services • Cold/Flu • Sinus Infections • Minor injuries

**Family memberships and memberships that include our Weight Loss & Wellness program are also available.

Pricing / Plans:

Individual - $699
Individual with Weight Loss Program - $849
Family (includes unmarried daughters 12-25)  - $999

 *As a token of commitment to our established patients, we will guarantee fixed pricing for the first three years.   
** Family memberships will include our weight loss and wellness program.

 Payment Options:

  • Cash
  • Check/Money Order
  • Credit Card
  • Health Savings Accounts - Patients can pay for the MD for me plan with their HSA and then file for reimbursement through their insurance company. 
  • **Care Credit
**Care Credit - Care credit is a healthcare credit card which offers flexible monthly payment progams for yourself and your family specifically designed to pay for healthcare expenses not covered by insurance including, co-payments, deductibles, and elective treatment and care.  You may use Care Credit for other medical services like: dentistry, cosmetic surgery and much more.  To apply for care credit and to find additional provider information, visit

The MD for Me brochure and enrollment form is attached below.  We are very much looking for to providing most exceptional care to our most exceptional patients!

Jason D. Adams, MD,
May 1, 2012, 5:37 PM
Jason D. Adams, MD,
May 1, 2012, 5:28 PM