Contact Dr. Adams

If you are experiencing problems that you feel require immediate medical attention, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.


If you are an established patient and recently had surgery/office procedure, etc., or you are currently being treated by Dr. Adams for a medical problem - and you have a question or concern that you feel needs to be addressed urgently - Dr. Adams is available 24/7. 

Click HERE to send Dr. Adams a secure message that will be addressed as soon as possible, generally within 2 hours.


Medical problems and questions often arise outside of "usual office hours", when a patient just can't take the time to get in for an office visit, or when there are no immediate appointments available (i.e., we're "booked solid.")  We certainly understand this, so 
ACWH and Dr. Adams are available for our patients 7 days a week.  There are many common medical issues and concerns that can be handled quite effectively and safely without an actual face-to-face encounter.  Examples of such common problems might include uncomplicated vaginal yeast infections, UTI's, medication refills, or determining whether or not a particular medical symptom warrants a trip to the emergency room or can it wait to be addressed during "usual office hours." Dr. Adams has set up a secure e-mail messaging system to handle these types of issues.  Messages will be checked twice a day, and patients should expect a response within 24 hours.  

Patients  have access to this service for a $25.00 fee.  This fee can be paid on-line here via PayPal.  Messages will be addressed once payment is received.  
Messages MUST include complete name, date of birth, and requested pharmacy for prescriptions, if applicable.  Please be as specific as possible with your question or problem.

  Send a secure message to Dr. Adams